who are we?


Embracing Diversity and Constantly Challenging the Status Quo

Going beyond the ‘menu bar’ PR stunts and deep diving into the millennial youth cult, we cultivate community growth and create strategies for the long term.



Although today it may seem like a rare gem, empathy and integrity is the foundation for meaningful communication.  

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In a digitalized world, we’re focus on getting as much views and impressions as possible, however we need to remember that going back to our roots of rich and authentic content creation is key to creating deep engagement

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Diversity through inclusion helps us grow whilst being open minded about different facets of a situation and outlook. From a creative perspective, we strongly believe diversity is the cornerstone for levelling up our creative ideas and making them a reality. Driving culture forward.

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In a conformist world, fierceness, bravery and truth is more important than ever. It’s important to stand for what we believe is right , disregarding the potential outcomes.